I just got off the phone with my mother in law. She, along with her second husband, Al, her oldest daughter, Judy, her husband, Robert all live at Moss Point, Ms.

Mother and Al aren’t in the best of health. Al has alzheimers and mother has everything wrong with her. They simply aren’t able to leave home in the wake of this storm. Where they live, should Gustav hit land further east than presently predicted, they would incur flooding and possibly other damages.

Right in behind Gustav is Hanna and behind her are several other weather situations they are watching. It looks like we’re in for some rough weather.

Katrina did teach us all some valuable lessons. Be prepared, even if you don’t think you need to be prepared. Value your family, don’t worry about possessions and trust in the Lord.

Those days following Katrina, 18 days with no electricity, no generator to water our nursery plants with and several days without ice were tough–but we’re a strong group of country folks and we made it. We figured out a way to water the business plants once the community water was restored. Cell phones kept us in contact with friends and family. We all spent more time with each other.

Watching this storm reminds me of all the moments that were special during that time..the first time I’d ever experienced major damage from a hurricane this far north of the coast line.

Mother doesn’t want to be home in the storm. She doesn’t want to leave home either. What a decision faces them. I can be grateful that I don’t have to leave my home. I can stand right here and watch the wind blow and see what is going on.

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