Southern Belle

Sunday, August 31, Ana helps Shandi choose an outfit for church. It’s a simple pink and white checked dress. It is set off by a white collar and the dress flows straight and simple down to mid calf. They top this attire off with a pink summer hat and pink shoes.

We arrive at church and get out of the truck. As we head toward the side door where the preacher stands to welcome members, he remarks to Shandi how nice she looks. She sweeps off her hat and curtsys low to him, then glides past him with head held high and shoulders back.

Down the hall we encounter 2 ladies who speak to the girls, especially remarking on Shandi’s hat. Again, she smiles that quiet smile, curtsys low and moves on-much like a queen acknowledging her followers.

Later on in church, during the offering, she gets her money from papa to put in the plate, then as normal, moves to the opposite end of the pew so that the attending deacons must pass the plate to her and she deposits her money and hands it off to the deacon at the other side of the pew.

Papa says, “She always goes to the wrong end. She could stay at this end of the pew and not make them pass the plate.”

I say, “Hush papa, she’s practicing. She feels important handing that plate off to the deacon; besides she may grow up to be our first woman deaconess here.”

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