Back in power

Shortly after sending the previous post, we lost power. Hubby and I were bottling up hot sauce when the lights flickered and then went. Thankfully we finished that job, ending up with 40 bottles of the red fire he calls hot sauce.

Then it was just wait it out. Daughter came down with the girls and we played Golf and Uno, cooked a late lunch, early supper and ate while the wind blew and the rains came down.

Seems there was a tornado came through about 3 miles south of us. I don’t know of any damage done in our area, but should find out more tomorrow.

It was really depressing in a way to think we might be without power for several days. Memories of Katrina were forefront in all our minds. I am most grateful that the power was restored and I am now writing about my day.

It still feels eerie out there. It’s dark, the rain comes in sheets, blowing almost east to west. At times the gusts bend my gardenia over to the ground. With all the rain we’ve had in August, if this continues there will be more trees down for sure. I pray none of them land on houses or injure any people.

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