Tuesday, Sept.2, 2008

This morning my sis in law drove in from the next county up bringing the food from her freezer. She was w/o power and didn’t know for how long. So we put it in our freezer. We had lost power yesterday around 11, but got it back around 8 last night.
Then we decided to boil some shrimp since it was raining and we couldn’t work–so we did that, then we played cards with sis in law, Stacie and the girls all evening. Along with playing cards, we dug out some pre-made cookie dough and let the girls make cookies.

Then I got ready for al-anon.
We’re fine, just lost shade cloth off a house and some plastic. We  have a few plants blown over but that’s no biggie.

Oh, I have two 100 gallon water tanks made of plastic and I have water plants and gold fish in them. Today I noticed a huge glob of eggs in the bottom on one of them. I might have me some baby goldfish one day. I’ve enjoyed those little fish so much. I just started fooling with water plants a few months ago. I went to the bait shop and got a pound of goldfish for 8.00, much cheaper than walmart. Then I almost killed them because I had them in a wading pool with no oxygen going in–so I bought a small aquarium pump and saved about 10 of them. Then I bought the large water tanks and have been having a ball with ’em.

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