Monday, Sept 8, 2008

Phone calls started my day off–calling to get Shan an appointment at the pediatricians. She hasn’t used them in several years, but her counselor wants her seeing this particular one for med evaluation. Got that set up and need to get shot record updated and records from current doc.

Cleaned some more in the tag shed, but still have a lot to do there. I keep getting interrupted.

Gina came and bought some plants and we sat and talked for almost 2 hours about the church. No one is truly happy with the preacher. When he came he put himself on every committee there was. Finally, the deacons took him off the committees and won’t let him be on them because everything must be done his way.

The pavilion still isn’t nearly finished for the same reason. No one will work with him because he wants everything done his way and often that’s the hardest way.

Terry went to clean fish around 3 and the girls and I worked on homework until 5. Then we shut it down and I took Ana to the meeting for cheerleaders. We have tickets to sell for a chance on a digi camera. Practice starts tomorrow evening at 5:30.

After the meeting, I came in, washed the dishes and mixed up the hushpuppies for the fish fry. Around 7, the girls and I were all bathed so we rode on over to the shed. Bruce, Nelson and Bill were all sitting there, about drunk arguing over a football bet. Nothing had been done toward starting the supper. Had it not been for the girls wanting fish so badly, I’d have come straight back home rather than sit there and listen to that crap.

But I stayed, and finally the fish was fried and after eating we came home.

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