While over at the shed Monday nite, eating fish, Robby called. He wanted to let me know he, or they, meaning he and the man he’s working with, were in Dallas, Texas. They were on their way to La. to help clean up from the storm in their cherry picker truck. The truck had broken down, but they had gotten it fixed, spending all their money.

Of course, he wanted to borrow a hundred dollars. I didn’t loan him the money, because he never pays back his loans. He had also asked his grandmother for money, but she refused him too.

Tuesday evening he called while I was at Brenda’s working on her computer to let me know they had gotten them a hotel room and were in Beaumont, Texas. I didn’t ask how they got the money.

Paula, the long ago ex-girlfriend he’s been talking to, called today and as we talked she mentioned Robby’s situation. She asked him how they got the money and he told her it was best she didn’t know how they got it.

Sounds really fishy to me.

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