September, 12, 2008-Friday

I called AT&T today and reported my computer line problems. The young lady I spoke with tested the line and verified that there were problems on the line. She also said that AT&T WAS interested and DID want to provide DSL to my area. I disagreed with her for the reasons listed below…..but her statement prompted me to do a search. That search resulted in my emailing the FCC the following email:

As I looked over the website, I found this statement:All Americans should have affordable access to robust and reliable broadband products and services. Regulatory policies must promote technological neutrality, competition, investment, and innovation to ensure that broadband service providers have sufficient incentive to develop and offer such products and services.
My question is this–is there a regulation that says an indivuals telephone provider must, at some point in time, provide DSL for the subscribers to that provider?
I ask for this reason–a few months ago I wrote AT&T this letter-

Bell South/ATT

As a dedicated customer of your services for many years now, I am writing this letter to complain.

Through the years, the telephone service has made giant strides forward. I am fortunate enough to be a part of these steps toward the future. Why today, at least we have dial up access to the internet, way out here in the sticks!! Just a few short years ago, this wasn’t available to us and in fact, became available to me via another internet provider long before you, my main telephone provider, provided me with the ability to connect to the internet using your internet access. To be truthful, I’m not sure I could do so today, as it’s been a few years since I checked and at that time the service was still *unavailable* to me here at 54 Jack Duncan Road, Tylertown, Ms. 39667

Now, I know we have fiber optic cable running down our road for our telephone. This was installed after Hurricane Katrina. I also know that people within a 5 mile radius of me have DSL, yet it is still *unavailable* to me.

I am less than 1 mile from one telephone circuit box and less than 3 miles from yet a larger one on Hwy. 27. I know that there is a new technology which allows DSL to travel longer distances to remote customers. It is called the DSL Repeater. One version of the repeater is installed at approximately 10,000 ft intervals along the trunk line, and strengthens and cleans up the DSL signal so it can travel another 10,000 ft. Why do we not have these DSL repeaters placed, and why, even with fiber optic cable do we not have DSL here on 54 Jack Duncan Road?

I spoke with a customer rep on Monday, Jan 14th and he was saddened to inform me that there is no DSL available for me yet, and there is no mention of when it will be available.

This letter was sent to AT&T Corporate. A few weeks following the sending of that letter I received a call from a lady who said she was the Vice President of AT&T. She informed me that after talking with the people in the appropriate departments, she hated to inform me that there was absolutely no plans for providing DSL to our road in the near future.

This is all fine and good, I suppose, seeing as how AT&T is such a large corporation and therefore has no need to be concerned about pleasing all of it’s customers. However, on the flip side of that is the quality of the telephone lines over which we do access the internet via dial up. Their motto is: if it isn’t impossible to speak over the phone line, there is nothing wrong with it. We aren’t interested in how well you can connect to the internet.

Many cannot afford to purchase a satellite system in order to access the internet, even some of us small businesses. So I was simply wondering if there is anything in the works that would insure those of us who choose the simple country life would be able to access the information we need on the internet at a speed faster than a turtle.

Thank you,

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