Just plain irritated

Ever been so pissed off you could bite 10 penny nails? Ever have a day where nothing seemed to go right?

This has been one of those days.

First off, had to take Shandi for a psych eval at 11. Before time to leave, I’m at the nursery gathering up some information I need to take. I have time to spare so I decide to clean the goldfish tank filter and give the tanks their dose of algae stuff. Terry is sitting right beside me when I get up and get the spoon, the algae stuff and a clamp to clamp down the fountain part on one of the filters.

Terry never shows up to help, so when I’m done, I find him and let him know the tanks have been cleaned. He says, “Couldn’t wait, eh?” “I told you I was going to clean them” I replied. He said he never saw me get up or heard me say a word.

Oh well.

Then off to the psych. He gets Shandi and leaves me in a small waiting room with another mom who has 2 children; ages 2 and 4. The 2 year old yelled and screamed almost the entire time. His voice simply vibrated off the walls. I felt like I needed a session before he was done with Shan.

Then to Lowes to pick up stuff for Terry and then WalMart to get some red beans. Ran into Page on the way in. It was nice to see her and we chatted a few, then on inside. Shan and I go to see her mom for a few minutes then off to get what we came for…..oil, hotdogs and buns for supper…..totally forgot the red beans.

Oh well.

Home to find that Terry hasn’t watered a thing because he thought it was going to rain. The sun is shining brightly and it’s going to rain?

Oh Well.

Help Shan with her work for school, Ana comes in and I help her, then back to Shan’s reading. A friend comes over to check his email, as he’s had no dsl for 3 days now. Poor guy. He had a profile on Match.com and didn’t want it to expire or something.

By now it’s time to take Ana and the neighbor child, Elizabeth to cheerleading practice. That goes well, until Terry calls and says we have no electric. It came a shower and that knocked the electric out.

7:00 practice is over, so get gas, the girls a drink and head home, arriving at Elizabeths around 7:30 to find we still have no electric. Come in, have Terry light a lantern so I can fix the hotdogs, since he hadn’t. He’d been sitting in the dark.

Oh well.

Finally the lights come back on around 8:15, girls are bathed, Stacie comes in, Shan goes home with her and I shower and sit down to the computer. I can only connect at 15bps, normally I get a measly 26bps on this dial up. Connect the phone line into the house line and connect at 42bps. Wow. Try to access BellSouth’s webpage to report it. Repair service is temporarily unavailable. I suppose thanks to Gustav.

Oh well.

I’ll call tomorrow and complain. I might not get results, but since they refuse to get DSL here, even tell me that they have no plans ever to provide DSL here, they can darn sure fix my phone line.

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