A day of nothing, yet full

I’ve had a full day of riding and sitting.
Took Ana to the dentist this morning for what I thought was a 9:15 appointment. Terry said no sooner had I left than they called to verify I would be there for the 10:30 appointment. We got there and after waiting 45 minutes, I asked if they were running late or I was that daft. She said my appointment was for 10:00. Ok. Whatever. They finally called her in and did the filling, then off to WalMart to buy her a ball and a pair of Sunday shoes. It was time for Stacie’s lunch so we treated her at Quiznos.

Then home where I took care of canceling Dish since Direct had come and installed their equipment today. While I was searching out a list of what was on what channels, their counselor called. She had a cancellation at 3, so if I could come on, do so. I gathered up Ana and off we went to pick up Shandi; then by the bank and on to Sylvia’s.

We left there around 5, ran by the park to see what the meeting of cheerleaders was and ended up helping try on outfits for the girls to determine their sizes. I got home around 7. Thankfully Terry had some supper fixed.

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