Radio Ads

Am I just old fashioned, or what?

We’re cruising down the highway, coming home from the dentist, listening to the radio and each of us, me and Ana, my 9 year old granddaughter, lost in our own little worlds.

Suddenly an advertisement comes on the country station I am tuned in to…….

Linda’s Adult Video and Toys. Come see our new selection of adult toys. Enhance your pleasure, ask questions, we’ll help you find the perfect toy for you and your partner. Check out new adult videos to spice up your life.

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

My mouth dropped open, my eyes bugged out. I sent up a prayer really quick that Ana not be paying any attention to the radio. Whew, apparently she wasn’t as she didn’t ask any questions.

But what if she had? How do you explain this to a curious child?

Why is this even allowed during prime time? Or for that matter, any time.

Tv isn’t any better with all their Viagra type ads. If you’re up late enough, barely past 11, then you see the personal ads for both sexual preferences.

It is to the point a person cannot let their child watch anything on TV. It’s one thing to check out the tv programs they watch to be sure they are appropriate for the kids. Now we must screen the stations for the ads they run?

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