Kids n Grands

First thing this morning, Robby called. He’s been in Louisana working with some guy he hooked up with right after he got out of jail in Ok. He couldn’t go back to the mechanic shop he was working at because of his dui and insurance on him at work… he hooks up with this dude who is going into tree surgery work.

He wants me or his dad to come get him. His boss has went all nuts on him. Finally I said to him all the things I should have said a long time ago, starting with NO. When he asked why–I simply told him that he screwed us over far too many times for me to come get him and open the door for him to do it yet again. I reminded him that he has warrants out for felony bad checks on him here in Ms. He hung up.


Around 1 the school called saying Shandi was crying and complaining with a headache and wouldn’t do her work. I went and got her, even though I had to lock up the store since mom was at work and Terry was gone on a delivery.

When we got home, I gave her Ibuprofen, then had a good talk with her. I reminded her that if she refused to do her work, then she would fail. Failing meant she wouldn’t be in the same grade with her best friend next year. I also told her we would have the headaches checked out when we see her doc next week, but since she is fine once she gets home, from now on if I have to come get her because of a headache on Tuesday or Thursday, then she won’t go to the park when I take Ana to cheer practice. If it’s any other day of the week, then she forfeits her tv viewing time.

She did all her work and even helped me some cleaning up the pansys.

I picked up Elizabeth, and Cheyenne had rode the bus home with Ana for cheer practice… off we go. Teams were chosen this evening and Cheyenne and Ana are both on the Saint’s team. Elizabeth is on the Colts team. We left early and went to open house at school Ana missed making the advanced level on her MCT scores by one point…….but still her grades are very excellent. I’m very proud of her.

Shandi read her whole story this evening with minimum help from me. I am proud of her for trying her best.

One of my groups is a small one and one of the ladies is a staunch Democrat.  Another friend who is in the group and myself are a bit put off by one ladies constant reference to how stupid the Republicans are, and/or the American public for not seeing how voting R got them into the mess the country is in. It is rather insulting to me, so I’ve been quiet in there.

I just don’t feel comfortable a lot of the time anyway. I don’t have the money they have, I don’t have the fancy homes, the nice lifestyle, the cool clothes. I’m very much happy with who I am, but still I sometimes feel that I don’t belong in that clique. Maybe there is a certain amount of envy rearing it’s ugly head. Maybe it’s just my old insecurities and the old tapes playing in my head….I love all the women in there and as a whole they seem like really nice people. I can’t help but wonder though if any of them at least think about how I’m not up to ‘par’ with them, or worse yet, say it among each other in private. Again, that’s insecurities talking but they are a very real part of who and what I am, even though I work hard on removing them.

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