Direct TV

A few weeks ago we switched from Dish Network to Direct TV because the offered more channels Terry wanted to watch than did Dish.
Fine. They came and set it up and things are just super, TV wise.

Tonight, at 8:30 my phone rings. I rush to answer it and it’s Direct TV. But it’s not Direct TV checking on how I like my service. It’s Direct TV wanting me to upgrade to the next package which will only be a measly 12 dollars more a month.

Nah, 12 more a month for 12 months, then it goes up to the regular price.

Well, the dude did say he was with Direct. So I tell him I want to ask a question. Oh, he’s not with customer service.
Oh, so you’re not with Customer Service? Yet you call my home at 8:30 at night? You not only call my home at 8:30 at night but I answer the telephone and you don’t have to go through hours of Voice Recognition failure before you actually get to speak to a person. Hmmm.

He replied that he didn’t actually dial the number? Now what did that have to do with what I said? Did that mean he wasn’t responsible for calling me at this late hour?

Who knows, but tomorrow, I will go through the long, drawn out process of getting to an actual person to voice my complaint.

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