Reflux,Deflux-it all runs backwards

All these years I’ve called Shandi’s kidney problem kidney reflux. It isn’t reflux, it’s deflux.
Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Today we say Dr. Charles, a pediatrician in McComb. Wow is all I can say. We are so totally blessed, I believe.

When I called I made sure the receptionist knew why we were coming–to discus Shandi’s ADD/ADHD and her medication and learning problems. She assured me there was sufficient time set aside to do all this.

Wrong! Pat, the nurse was a totally frustrated, chicken with her head cut off.
What’s the problem, she asked. We start to tell her about the UTI. She cuts us off saying, “So, you’re here for a follow up.”
“Yes, but also to discuss her ADD/ADHD medication,” her mom says.
“Did you tell them that when you made the appointment?”, Pat asked.
“Yes.” Stacie replied.

Hurriedly she grabs a slip a paper and makes the order for a urine sample. Shan and I head out to the lab while Stacie waits in the room. In the lab, we meet up with a very bubbly nurse, who gets us in and cheerily tells us what to do.

After waiting a bit, Shan is able to produce the required specimen. Back to the doc’s office we go to wait.

Shan lays down on the exam table and closes her eyes. Doc walks in and announces that he believes we have a possum in the room. Shan doesn’t blink. Looking at us, doc asks again, don’t ya’ll think we have a possum in the room? We agree with him and he walks over to Shan and starts to pick on her, at which point she breaks out in a giggle.

He begins to exam her all the while making noises as though he’s passing gas. Shan gets tickled. Then he needs to examine her bottom, but, he warns her to not pee on him. She giggles. He pulls down her pants and as he’s checking her, he makes the sound of peeing…..then he says to her, “Now sweetheart, you promised to not pee on me”. She is laughing so hard she can’t talk.

Then he sits down at his little deskette and says to us…..”I’m concerned about these kidneys. If the balloon procedure was successful, she should have NO infections. Did they do a culture?”

I tell him I’m not sure, so he checks, returning with the news that there was no culture done. So he orders one, tells us that now they know to do a certain test at least 9 months following the procedure. He says that if the culture grows anything, then definitely we will have this test done–they insert a catheter and dye into her kidney and then they do a sonogram. Then he says even if the urine doesn’t grow a culture, he would like to have one done to find out why she still has UTI’s.

He asks questions about testing for dsylexia….saying the psycholigist should have done that. When I tell him that they were only in the room for less than an hour, he concludes that Jolly didn’t do the dsylexia test. He asked why I changed doctors. I told him that I felt the other doctor would prescribe whatever I requested. When I told him her name, he agreed with me. I told him I wanted a doctor who was concerned, who would work with us and Shan in finding the best possible helps for her situation.
He asked about special ed and we briefly touched on that problem. He understood the hoops we jump through.

Then he said that first of all we needed to get the kidney problem cleared up. We needed to come back in 10 and he then left and went and personally made our appointment….including sufficient time to sit down and discuss Shan and what is going on with her. He told us that we would finish up his day.

God has truly blessed us, I believe with finding this doctor; actually finally listening to Sylvia’s advice and making the appointment. She has encouraged us to try him for months now.

Yes, Sylvia, I hear you.

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