Shandi Saga

The ongoing Shandi Saga continues. Today there was a note in her folder from the teacher. She refused to do any of her work, except for writing 6 of her spelling words. She claimed she had a headache, but refused to go to the office and get something for it.
I reminded her that not doing her work would cause her to fail the second grade. Failing the second grade means she wouldn’t be in the same class as her best friend. I reminded her that we expect her to do the work in school as best she can.

When we took her sister and her friends to cheer practice, Shandi had to do the work she refused to do in class. As soon as I finish this, I am emailing her counselor.

Their dad called their mom today and asked if he get the girls this weekend. Stacie said no because we have plans for Ana’s birthday. He said ok , tell them I love them and hung up. When Stacie told Ana, she cried and cried because he didn’t say Happy Birthday or even ask if he could come eat out with us for her birthday. Shandi also cried and said she was mad with her dad.

After her bath, Ana brought a balloon in to me. On the balloon she had drawn different faces: happy face, an ok face, a sad, crying face, an upset face and an angry face. She said earlier she was sad and crying, but now she’s just mad because Dad didn’t say Happy Birthday or want to be with her on her birthday.

I pointed out to her that when we cry it’s because we are hurt. When we are angry, it’s because of what we think concerning what has happened that made us cry.
She asked for a picture of her dad so she could burn it. I promised her we would find one tomorrow. I asked if she loved her dad. She said that she loved him, but right now she was mad at him. She also wants her mom to call him tomorrow and tell him that Ana is mad at him.

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