Conversation with Shandi

This afternoon I had the following conversations with Shandi. She’s my 8 year old grand, with severe learning disabilities.

Me: It’s time now to do our reading.

Shan: Do I have to?

Me: Yes, that’s how you’ll learn to read.

Shan: I wasn’t born to read.

Me: OK. So what were you born to do?

Shan: To clean and play

Me: Alright. But tell me this, if you don’t learn to read the basics, how will you be able to read the label on the cleaner to know you’re using the right product?

Shan: I don’t know.

Me: Then maybe we best do our reading.

Later on, while we took a break, she ate a piece of pound cake I had brought home from church last night for her. An aunt had made it and it was by far the best pound cake ever made.

I told Shandi that if I could make pound cakes like that, she’d have cake more often. But I’ve tried and I simply can’t make one that doesn’t end up being gummy.

She said: But momo, you have to keep trying. If you keep praciticing you will get it right.

So we agreed that I’d practice making pound cakes and she’d practice reading.

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