Shandi and the urinary tests

Well, Shandi had to go for a renal test and a VCUG test today to determine if the balloon procedure they did several years ago is still in place. She had kidney reflux/deflux and this procedure was done, which involved inserting a type of material that form a balloon to stop the leakage back into her bladder.

She used to scream bloody murder when they did the VCUG test because it not only involved inserting the catheter into her but also this huge exray machine coming down toward her appearing, to her, I’m sure, as though it would crush her.

I prepared her by explaining exactly what would be done to her, about how it would feel and told her that if she could simply not fight them it would hurt less and go much quicker.

Stacie took the day off to take her, since Terry is up in Tennessee and Alabama picking up trees. Shandi did wonderful, not crying or fighting. The balloon is still in place, so all is well there. This means that the occasional urinary track infections she has are not due to the balloon collasping.

She’s grown so much. From being able to go to the dentist and march in there all alone to get her teeth worked on, to having these tests done. I can’t help but wonder if her improvement in this area is not due in part to the removal of the wicked step father who forced her to watch him have her older sister perform oral sex on him. I will always believe that what he subjected that child to played a huge part in her fears of having certain medical procedures done to her. It makes me very angry just to think of all that baby carries around in her mind, trying to deal with it and unable to verbalize the pain she is in.

But I am very grateful that he is no longer in their life, he is locked away in prison. She is growing and changing and becoming quite an accomplished little girl. Oh my heart swells with pride thinking about the progress she has made.

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