catch up

Stacie has been on a tear with the girls, especially Ana. Ana handled her stress by cutting her arm–not inside the wrist for suicide, but on top for release of pain. Stacie did make Ana an appointment with the local mental health and she had her intake last Tuesday. It was suggested she begin seeing a counselor at the local office in town. I don’t know if Stacie has made that appointment or not.

Robby has been out of town working with a clean up crew on the areas affected by the tornadoes. While gone he went out to some bar one night, upset TA and did only he and God knows. On Wednesday I took her to Hammond to her dentist who pulled the remaining 18 teeth she had, plus picked Robby up from the yard–they had come in for a few days. On Thursday they went to TA’s to clean up, on Friday they returned to finish the cleaning and to pick up Robby’s check. When they came in around 8 Friday night, Robby dropped them–TA and James off, then left saying he was going to a neighbors and then maybe over to the shed. He came in around 3 Saturday morning.

TA chewed him out. When he came to the nursery around 8 Saturday morning he asked if he had any ass left. I said no and you don’t need any, you were off in a truck that technically belongs to your aunt, with no license, not to mention not treating your woman right. I do intend to share with him my intentions–if he ever leaves here in any vehicle registered in our name after having drank any beer I will call the law. I choose to not tolerate that behavior any longer. I think he believes because he has moved TA up here, lock, stock and kids, we won’t run him off. He needs to change his belief because mom will.

There has been a lot of adjusting here, but for the most part I have handled it. I wish I had more room so things weren’t so piled up–example James sleeps on the sofa bed in the living room and it is a mess–but right now there is no other choice. TA will get her own place one day hopefully and they can move out of my digs/living room/etc. They are a lot of help though.

On the up side, we have built a new flower bed, working on cleaning out the existing ones, even cleaned out one that hasn’t been cleaned in a number of years and finally got the brick laid back down in the area between patio and back yard which were moved when we had plumbing problems over a year ago. I have help most of the time with this–James, the 19 year old with serious learning disabilities, is such a willing hand one needs to be careful not to over work him. I know he puts 300 miles on his feet a day walking to get things for us, do things for us and checking on us.

All in all, we are doing reasonably well for a blended family.

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