Strange things, aggravating things, just things

I wonder what I would do if life actually became boring around here. Would i eat myself into a fat oblivion? Find more work to do? Surf the net more? Actually find time to read something other than the computer screen and what I bring up there? Go visit my neighbor?


Makes a person wonder; but boring it is NOT.

Where to start? Over a week ago…well actually way back around Christmas, Roy, the ex SIL, called and wanted us to drive to Missoula, MT and drag his little camper home and him. When we figured up the mileage and a night to rest, it would have cost about a grand; so we said no. Of course Roy claims that I wouldn’t let Terry come get him because I don’t like Roy.


So, over a week ago the phone rings and it’s Stacie telling me Roy has asked her money for a bus ticket to get him back to Ms so he can go back offshore. She said no. He calls me.
Roy…I need a favor. Can you get me a bus ticket to MS…blah, blah, blah.
Me…I have to talk with Terry, but here is how it will be. If we do this I know we will be the best people in the world. If we don’t it will be, according to you, simply because I don’t like you. So, if the answer is no, I do not want to hear of you even breathing that I don’t like you. I continued on to give him a lecture about whether I liked him or not wasn’t important.

So, I hear nothing from him until the next day when he calls to say he may have sold his camper and if so, he won’t need me to buy his ticket.

I don’t hear for several days, so I assume that he sold the camper.

Then last week on Wednesday he calls. He needs to get to Ms ASAP so he can meet up with this man in Galliano, La and go to Alaska on a job. So, I check and the soonest he can get here is Sunday around 12:30 ish. So the ticket is purchased and he’s set to get on the bus on Thursday night.
He does.

Saturday Casey and CJ get into a huge fight, and along with Casey knocking her mom around and screaming obsenities at her, she also insults Stacie by telling her how fat and ugly and flat chested she is. CJ takes her phone away, calls her dad to come get Casey and claims she won’t give her the phone back and she has to stay in Tylertown school, she can’t switch back to Salem after break.

By Sunday, CJ has given Casey her phone back and all is well with the world. I told CJ today that I was angry with Casey for the way she treated not only her mom, but my daughter and that I believed as long as she continued to give the child her way, she would continue to treat her mom the way she does. I told CJ she doesn’t mete out correct consequences for Casey’s behavior and down the road it will come back to bite her in the butt. I know because I did the same things with Robby. She doesn’t buy into my hard nose method of dealing with kids, but that’s ok.

In the meantime, Roy calls that evening to inform me his luggage is lost. After the umpteenth call, I finally tell him I didn’t take him to raise, I simply agreed to help him out because of the girls. I gave him the number and the address for the McComb bus station and told him to handle his own business.
Today he calls around 1 or 2 asking if he can spend a night or two at my house until his clothes come in…he has arrived and his clothes haven’t. He is with his brother…who lives in Texas…how they hooked up I haven’t a clue. According to Roy they are heading to Tylertown even though his clothes may be in McComb by 3. Makes no sense but is why Roy is in the mess he is in.

Stacie has gone to McComb, which she needed to go anyway and she will pick him up and bring him out here. Lord help us.


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