VBS and the OOC Wannabe worker

When it isn’t the kids it’s church. ROFLMAO

Take the one woman who no one can please

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is coming up in June and even though we are low in numbers, we intend to have a VBS. The director who agreed to do it isn’t coming to church since all the hoopla so the lady who did it last year stepped up and said she would do it. She is about as tactful as a porcupine with the personality of a rattlesnake.

Sunday while eating at Pizza Inn we were half teasing S’s about moving up from ‘sheriff’ (he makes sure there are no kids in the drive through when parents come to pick up their kids) to teacher and Sherry gets really hostile and tells us that until some other men take a class J isn’t going to. We ask her if she is working in VBS and she says she is thinking about it. So, we soon drop that topic rather than get her all fired up.

She came to the VBS meeting we had that evening and talked like she would think about taking a class.

Last night when I carried the check into the secretary for the pulpit supply preacher, P comes up and asks a huge favor of me…will I let S help me in VBS. It has been determined that if anyone can handle her it is me. First I said, not no but hell no…but then I told them that yeah, I could handle her. Pat’s thinking was that no one wanted her in a room with their kids with her tendency to throw fits.

Ok….I go to my class…afterwards Ana, myself and M- go start the coffee for coffee and cake after PM. Ana can’t get her mom or her bf to come pick Ana up, so I run her home and then go back to the church. When I walk into the fellowship hall, S is standing up raising hell about people not wanting her to teach a class and no one wanting her husband to serve as deacon. The deacon truth is that J has refused to rotate back on so it’s his choice. She yells, rants, hollers and finally J gets her out, I fix my coffee, get my cake and go sit down.

Bless pat if she doesn’t walk back in and announces she has something to say and when we didn’t shush up and listen she repeated it very loudly. She proceeds to rant and rave some more about why people don’t want her serving at the church, that’s what’s wrong with the church, others can live carnal lives but no one wants her help.

One man tried to get her to hush and she jumped on him so he walked away. Finally I got up and walked over to her and gently laid my hand on her arm and said…S I know you are hurting.
She agrees and rants some more and I say…how’s about lets’ just let this go for tonight, hon.
Let’s go outside and calm down.

She informs me she has said all she is saying and I say…then let’s go and she jerks away from me and out the door she goes.

Bro. Buddy, the preacher filling in says the best thing to do is let it go for several days and then several of us go visit her and let her know we love her and am sorry if we hurt her feelings that was never our intentions. So we all continue to enjoy our visit together, have prayer and come home.

I am hardly in the door when my phone rings and it’s S. I answer and she starts in about how hurt she is and I agree…I would be hurt too. She tells me–and P had already said this to us after S outburst–I told P I would take kindergarten class and she told me she had someone considering it. When S asked who, P says, "I don’t know, you’ll have the other ladies who are getting the teachers." Excuse me, P, that isn’t other ladies’ job, it is your job and we told her that.
Then S asks why we don’t want her teaching. Does she not dress well, look right, make enough money…all questions I would ask were I done that way. The truth being though that we are all afraid for her to teach because if something doesn’t go right then she goes nuts and we can’t have her doing that in a room of kindergarten kids. Plus, they always have helpers and if the helper said or did the wrong thing, S would go off on them…it is why she isn’t teaching the night class on Sunday…she got pissed off at a comment a person made and offered them the teaching job and he was just commenting on the discussion.

So, S continues on and finally I say…I can tell you what I think.
S: I think if you are going to have a position of leadership then you need to act the part. Not live a carnal life.
Me: I agree and to the best of my ability I do that.
She: I am not talking about you. I am talking about those who live like the devil and yet want to run the church.
Me: This isn’t about them, it’s about you and the question you asked me. Do you think your outburst was pleasing to God? Do you think it would be something kindergarten kids should witness?
She: I believe that I should stand up for my rights and my God…on and on..louder and louder
Me:S if you keep yelling at me I am going to hang up
She: Oh, so you can dish it out but you can’t take it
Me: S, I haven’t yelled at you at all. You asked why I thought they didn’t want you teaching. I am telling you what I personally think.
She: **at this point I don’t have a clue what she was yelling at me as I tuned her out. I tried to get her attention but she got louder and louder and louder and I just hung up on her.**

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