jumping to conclusions

Had plants due in yesterday, actually they should have arrived on Wednesday but didn’t. I called the sales rep who checked with the provider who said they would arrive yesterday, Thursday, March 8. I told Katie they FedEx truck had already flew by here and no plants. She assured me they would arrive per Pinter’s info via FedEx on Thursday.

So, Terry comes in around 11, we shower and get ready to go to H’burg for my appointment with Dr. Marcos the infectious disease doctor. I call Stacie and tell her I have put a note on the whipe off board out front stating to put deliveries in the shade and call…and I put her cell phone number. I also asked her for some of them…she, CJ or Roy to keep a check and make sure they didn’t come and the driver not see the note.

Off we go…see the doctor who explains that as long as I am not actively infected–fever/chills/etc–we do best to not do IV antibiotic, that the bacterium is just sitting there not really causing any problems. However, should I begin to have ongoing fever, pneumonia that will not clear up, other issues, then yes we will need to aggressively treat the bacterium. Otherwise, let’s ride this out because being on long term antibiotics will cause me to build up a resistance to them, also run the risk of infections at the port site which would be required for ongoing IV treatment. Made sense to me…so we depart.

However, he couldn’t pull up any of my exrays, only the notes from Dr. V so I don’t know if he knew what he was talking about. Maybe so, I just felt that something wasn’t right about the appointment in that Dr. V said Dr. M would look at my scans and he couldn’t see them. Either Dr. M is a computer idiot or something else was going on.

Then we went to the tractor/truck place and picked up the dump truck the county had sent over there for repairs..then Logan’s Roadhouse for supper–albeit an early one but I was hungry. After we ate we stopped by C-Spire and bought Terry a new phone. His was damaged and the screen was becoming so black he couldn’t read anything on it. We had checked in Columbia a month ago and they were very snippy and wanted 100.00 for a 79.00 phone and I told them they could keep the damn phone. The people in H’burg were very nice and even transferred his contacts to the new phone and waived the 5.00 fee for doing so. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Home by 6 and no plants. I called Stacie and she verified there were none arrived. We fiddled around on the computer and then laid down to watch tv.

When I got up this morning Terry said the plants had come in sometimes last night. He had woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep so he came up to check and there they sat. He took them out of the box and put them on the table in #3 and said the peppers were very tumbled up and looked bad. Bad wasn’t the word for it.

When the kids came down the hill I asked them if they had came up here after school, and both said no. Ana said she didn’t. All said mom didn’t mention to them about coming and checking on the plants so I am thinking the plants may have come in and she just didn’t check and the driver didn’t call her or she didn’t/wouldn’t answer the phone. With the bill collectors who call her all the time, she won’t answer a phone unless she knows who it is.

Then I, assuming the above got pissed off and starting fussing. Roy heard me, got up and told me that he had walked down to the greenhouse after we came in and looked around and no plants. He said he had told Stacie to tell us this but she didn’t. I felt like an idiot. Of course he could just be saying that to hush me up, but then again he could be telling the truth.

Why can’t I wait and gather all the facts before I jump to conclusions and become angry? I can blame it on my health and the meds, but that is just a cop out. I know to wait and see. I told myself to wait and see but still I allowed my own twisted thinking to ruin my serenity for a short while.

I apologized for my outburst and started my day over again..

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