I’ve been busy here. Busy work day Saturday, Church Sunday. Ana had a friend over and now is at her house. It is spring break so no school CJ let Dylan go spend the weekend with his daddy who is working in Hattiesburg and now BJ won’t bring him home or let CJ come get him. She moved out of Stacie’s last night rather than involve Stacie and us in Human Services, legal issues and probation officers in her efforts to get the kid back. She went to her dad’s which is where Casey is and where she needs to be. I figure she will be back at Stacie’s before long, and then again, maybe not.

Roy made it to La to apply for the job. He’s a diabetic and of course sugar showed up in his urine, so they want him to go to his regular doctor which is the other side of the state. He has no transportation. I can’t help him at the moment. I have customers, Terry is working and Stacie most likely won’t go get him..but will mention it to her when she comes in.

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