prejudice all over the place

.I love this line *I’ve often averred that the state Chamber of Commerce keeps a stable of “rednecks” to release when the national media come to town. * and have often *averred* the same thing although I never thought of using that word…..I just said I believe either the CofC knows where the folks are OR the media searches until they find the reddest redneck, countriest country bumpkin, toothlyiest toothless, belly hanging over the belt person they can find to interview!!!!!!!!
Just yesterday on the local news they interviewed a woman whose daughter was caught shoplifting and mama had a shirt made with this printed on it *hide your money, your jewelry, your valuables; I am a thief and they are not safe…or similar and was making the child wear it. BUT mama had on a shirt that had some sort of sexy saying on it. I couldn’t read all of it as it was hidden in the folds of her watermelon boobs and distorted by her non pregnant belly. *grinning*

For a number of years I have known that many people consider us southerners the dumbest, hickist, countriest folk ever. Yep, there are some of those here. But doesn’t every state have their ‘slum’, ‘country’, ‘underprivileged’ areas?

you say less educated people have lesser paying jobs so less can afford cable and are too busy working to make ends meet to watch the news……I can’t recall the exact people, but haven’t I read that some of the wealthiest business men never graduated high school. I had to look it up….read this…it was Dave Thomas I was thinking of, but Peter Jennings was a great athlete but a poor student.

But what I wanted to say was…we don’t have cable because cable isn’t offered way out here in the sticks, but we have satellite tv and we have it even though we are less educated..only high school diplomas; even though we work hard for every dollar we earn we do have time to watch the news…we just choose to live life rather than spend it in front of the tv.

I am realizing of late how often I come up against blanket ideas/attitudes/statements concerning people who are not exactly like the speaker. Saw it last night in a VBS (vacation bible school) meeting in 2 of our own church members. I spoke up…*shock*…as I usually do not make waves; but I did. We see the outside. We see what fits into our own circle of comfort. We see what falls within our own personal beliefs and values and YES prejudices. God sees the heart! God sees the heart and it’s about time that people professing to be Christian start living like that rather than their stuck up in the air nose, I am better, God loves me more manner of living and especially the ‘my child will NOT do….’ attitude.

I saw it last week in the people who didn’t want the woman teaching because she has an emotional/mental disorder. Didn’t matter that she wouldn’t do a thing to harm the children…they didn’t want her.

I saw it last night when the name of a woman came up and this woman doesn’t attend regularly, is a recovering alcoholic, has tattoos and dresses differently. I’ve talked with her. I know she feels the distant from some of our church members; she feels their dislike for her. She isn’t stupid. Is it any wonder that she seldom attends church?

I have to wonder if the reason she isn’t attending is due to our last pastor. He had a problem with women who showed any cleavage, especially young women. I wonder if he said something to her about it. He certainly preached about it from the pulpit. She and her husband and children, as well as her parents were coming to church and then suddenly…no more.

Ok, Ok, stepping down off the soap box.

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