and these people run our world?

What a past week….starting coming down with upper respiratory problems on Monday. S came over and we worked on VBS crafts and visited. I so enjoy visiting with her.
Tuesday I wasn’t much better and began my antibiotic my NP had graciously prescribed for me a while back and I had kept in the refrig.
Had one customer that truly shouldn’t be buying plants. I’m not sure what she should be doing but it isn’t buying plants. She stops her car half in the road, half on the parking area in front of the store. She gets out dressed to the tee…says she is on her way to church and just wanted to stop to pick up this tree.
What kind of tree ma’am
Customer (c): you know what I want, it’s grows green leaves and gets big
me: ma’am there are many trees that do that. Do you know the name?
C: no, but you know what I want
Me: no, I don’t.
C: show me what you have. I will know it when I see it.
Me: walking with her to the shrub yard I wave my arm and say: all these are shrubs or bushes or trees. Maybe you will find what you are looking for…as I answer the ringing phone.
C: But I can’t see well, show me…*as I continue to talk on the phone*
Me: now off phone and walking with her, telling her about the plants.
C’s phone rings. She answers. she says…I was told I could pay 50 or 60 now and the rest later. I paid 50 and will pay more next week. No I don’t have any more on that card. Ok, I will come in and see if we clear this up.
Me: thinking…don’t write me a check woman. It will be cash only.
C: spotting crape myrtles…that is it. That is how it grows. It’s what I want.
Me: which one, what color?
C. It blooms? Will it bloom all year.
Me: no, just in May and maybe June. They lose their leaves in the winter.
C: no, that isn’t it.

Finally she decides on a gardenia and a rosemary plant. Finally I get her and the plants in the car and she drives down the road. Finally!

Wednesday it rains, and I go home at lunch and crawl in the bed. I have called my doctor’s office because I know I won’t have enough antibiotic to knock this mess out. They will call me in something. Wednesday evening at 5 the pharmacy calls and it will be Friday before my meds arrive. The computers are down, they have already ordered, will that be ok. Yes, it will.

Thursday I stay in bed all day.

Friday I feel better and come back to work. Stacie goes for my med. It isn’t there. Insurance won’t cover it and they didn’t call and let me know so they didn’t order it. I tell them to call my doctor and get me something insurance will cover.

They do and I pick it up Saturday morning.

I work hard all day Saturday, watering and customers. I begin to feel worse but have to keep going. It’s that time of year.

It’s Monday and I am on the new meds and don’t seem to be getting much better. Please Lord let this stuff knock this infection out.

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