Monday, 4.2.12

I jumped up this morning and discovered the side by side wasn’t working properly. We knew it wasn’t making ice but thought it was just a slow down or glitch and would correct itself. It happens sometimes when a chunk of ice gets stuck. This morning what little ice had made was thawing and some of my food in the freezer section. then I remembered the refrigerator stuff hadn’t felt as cold as it should have lately so called my refrig man. He came and it’s a fan, so that will be in tomorrow and that problem solved.

Funny that my refrig man is a good friend and we bull shit with each other all the time. When I was in bed sick with the crud he called after 6 and wanted to buy some tomato plants and I let him and his buddy come buy them. Ana took care of the money end. He called and apologized for bothering me and I told him the only apology I wanted was when i called with a broken refrig he had to come regardless of time or day or night. So when I called this morning I got the answering machine and said…I didn’t think I would have to call in my favor quite so quickly but…LOL

Then I had to water the plantation and be ready to leave at 12 for a 1:00 appointment, I needed to pick up Ana on the way as she had a 3 appointment with her counselor, Stacie and Terry were going to visit with Shandi this evening………I made my appointment, we stopped by the banks to discover my income and state tax checks are on hold with my business account bank because Terry’s name, while on the list to sign checks isn’t on the account itself and therefore without both of us signing off they won’t deposit our refund check because it has both our names on it. They won’t add Terry’s name to the account unless we both are in the bank at the same time and up until lately that hasn’t been easy to accomplish as we are open past the banks’ closing hours. I think I will just move my money once these checks clear which they will tomorrow as Terry will run to town and sign off below my name.

then we went for food, meantime the evening thunderstorms began and we’re in and out of that all evening. We make it to counseling and I talk with the secretary about all the crap going on because I know she will pass the world on to Ana’s counselor, then Ana and her counselor come out and with Ana’s permission we talk and I share my concerns about Stacie and how she treats the girls.

Pam, she tells me about this medication her alzheimer mother and her daughter who is within that autism range diagnosis takes called nudesta or nudexta and she said it was truly a miracle the way it worked on those two people. She described them as Stacie act alikes and says her mother has always been a hateful old woman until she began this med and now she is truly a sweet little old lady. I laughed and said maybe I needed some of it but definitely we needed to try it on Stacie. She asked about Stacie’s counseling and I told her…all in all we talked about 30 minutes and she plans to do more working with Stacie and Ana on communication skills and she wants to work with Ana on proper assertiveness. I shared that while Ana is very good at speaking up for herself she needs some grooming in speaking up properly so as not to antagonize the other person. In all, it was a good visit. The counselor said she only heard good from Ana about me and was so glad i was there in there life as a buffer..blah, blah, blah…all that nice stuff they say.

Came home to no electric but now it’s on and I must go dig in the closet for my box of checks as I need a new register and I think maybe there is one in the box unless I used the last book and forgot to reorder checks. ach!!!!!!

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