ughhh the cost of doing business

Seriously though. I’m into the 8th year of using First American Payment Systems Credit Card Processors. I had a 3 year contract. Deep within the bowels of the 10 page agreement was the statement that after 3 years there is a one year auto renewal clause and contractual requirement to provide written notification of termination at least 30 days but no more than 90 days prior to the end of applicable term. So, anniversary date is 8/23/12 of this years contract. I must write them a letter and they must receive it between May 26 and July 26 of this year in order to close my account. I pay them 40 a month and can’t even use the processing machine because I no longer have a land line and it won’t work via internet connection.

I called this morning to see if I could pay out the contract. Yes I can….595.00 will get me out of the contract. I can pay them 40 a month and only pay 200.

Me: Do you think I just fell off the turnip truck that I would give you 600 when another 5 months, 200 and the cost of a stamp will end my agreement?

She: Well you could see if anyone else wants to take over your contract.

ME: Did you not understand me? It won’t work on the internet connection and I am still in business, just part time.

She: but don’t you know some other business who might need a processor?

Me: Even if I did I wouldn’t recommend ya’ll to them. I do not trust ya’ll.

She: Then you will just have to maintain the checking account associated with your account until August and be sure to send in your closure letter. Or I can give you some other person who will walk you through giving us the information for any new account you might want to run this through..I had mentioned wanted to change banks as the bank my business account is in is a pain in the butt.

Me: No thank you. I do not want you having any NEW bank information I have. I do not trust ya’ll.

She: Then keep the checking account so we can continue to withdraw the monthly fee.

Me: Or I can move my money and you can dig for the rest of the money you want. LOL


And did ya’ll know that if I have a checking account that is a personal account…Klara or Terry Reid on the account, I cannot deposit or cash a check with Reid’s Greenhouse on it? I didn’t. Banks are getting strict aren’t they?

So, now I got to figure out how to manage the business side of the money without having to pay so much extra just because it is business.

What got me started was my garbage bill came yesterday. I always pay it yearly. Since starting this business the crabby old woman in the collection office charged me business rates even though they do NOT pick up garbage here, only at my house and it is only household garbage. Today I called and asked the NEW collection clerk about it and she gladly put it back to personal collection which saves me 100 a year.

So now I want to get my checking account down to indicate it is a part/time/hobby type business not a full blown business. The lady at Trustmark that I spoke with said I could have a personal account/Prime of Life, 500 minimum balance/no service charge and have it listed as special account and as long as the checks didn’t say Greenhouse on them they could deposit them..they could say Reid’s or my name or Terry’s name or cash, but just not Reid’s Greenhouse. I told her I would figure out what to do and how to do it. Right now Pike National has a hold on our income returns because Terry’s not listed as owner on that account and his name is on the tax returns and we both had to sign a paper for the hold to be lifted.

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