Disturbing events

One would think that life would run smoothly from time to time. Oh, yes, it will, maybe for a nano second.

Family company over the weekend was very enjoyable for the most part. There were, as always, a few glitches. One has to put up with R’s opinionated tales and what he would or wouldn’t do. J is prone to being ridiculously petty in playing games, even toward a child. B brings that thing she’s hooked up with and he thinks he knows everything…but still, the visit was good when it was good.

S even joined in and was pleasant, a miracle in itself.

PSC met on Tuesday night and discussed the finding from the resumes we had went over the week before. I had heard back on the positive from one and we called to set up a time to meet with him. God answering machine/voice mail. I came home and emailed; heard back by morning, was told after discussing with his wife he would let me know by last night…no word yet.

Dear friend in online group was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday. Hubby is under going test for bone cancer. Hurts my heart. Worries me. She’s such a worker, professional, never slows down…this will throw her a curve ball. I’ve not doubt she will survive but my heart hurts for her.

Yesterday, daughter and I went to McComb and bought Ana a computer and herself one. She will give hers to Shandi. Last night at church recieved a bunch of text from CR concerning Ana. She claims Ana smokes weed with Casey, Casey and CJ provide it for her, gets Vyvanse from CS at school so there fore she is no longer going to be friends with her. Also claimed Ana was still cutting. Came home, got Stacie and papa and had confrontation with Ana. Examined her for cutting…no. She did tell us that CR wanted to cut last time they were at her house but she (Ana) stopped her. Ana also said that Brianna S and her mom had called her trashy…this from a woman who lives with her bf, has family that uses and takes from family. People need to keep their mouth shut about other people.

Got a text from SS that one of our Search members told a church members who we were planning to meet and interview…our prospect knows these members and our chairperson had requested the members not be told. Even adults can’t be trusted.

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