thoughts..dangerous eh?

Hmm, Stacie was served with papers yesterday while she was gone. I got them. Worried the ____out of me. Back last April she rear ended a dude sitting in the middle of the road. His truck had died and he was just sitting there, no flashers, no trying to move it. She saw the truck, slowed down, thought he was moving but still bumped into his back bumper with her car. Wasn’t enough to deploy the air bag, did some damage to her front fender, but he claimed the hit in the read caused his truck to not crank.
Highway patrol officer came, Stacie got a citation because she couldn’t find proof of insurance, which she had..she is just disorganized. No other citations listed. Stacie’s insurance paid the man whatever…she couldn’t remember the sum.
Now he plans to sue her.
Funny. She has nothing. No house in her name. No vehicle in her name. No checking account. No savings account. NOTHING. NADA. Just herself and her kids, a box full of bills and a few thrown away pieces of furniture. What will he do? What will his lawyer do? Can blood be squeezed from a turnip?
We think he’s suing because we have the nursery business and he thinks we have plenty of money. Another LOL for sure.

She isn’t as worried as I am about it. I hate worry. I hate chaos. I hate not knowing.

Terry woke up with upset stomach today and has run all day.

Ana is cleaning my house and mama is mad about that.

Shandi is sitting over there looking like a lost kid.

I want to go to McComb tonight, take Shandi to eat for her birthday which is Monday and maybe buy me a tablet.
I may, I may not.

I am still just down about my penguin friend’s diagnosis of cancer and the fear her husband has it also. So not fair.

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