The Jones

Enjoyed Judy and Robert’s visit. They left while we were at church, but I had to go back after church and do the checks as I didn’t do them while company was here.
Got news today on Dylan..he showed up at church with Casey…Terry had gone to their papa’s and picked them up for Black Light practice. Seems BJ and his new woman were arrested last week for selling scrap iron they claim to have had permission to sell, but the owner filed charges against them for stealing it. The girl is out, but since BJ is on probation he is still in jail. According to Casey, the girl has proof on her phone that they had permission to sell it.
Also, according to Casey CJ is still CJ, accusing Casey of stealing her medication and selling it to kids at school.
Casey wants to move out of papa’s and live with me or Stacie because papa won’t take her to church. I say no way because the first time I discipline her or not let her have her way she will be gone again or she will try cussing me out and I will beat the crap out of her. Stacie says no way, no how.

I think all this accusing of pill stealing adds to the rumors of drug use among young people these days. Why can’t parents keep their mouth shuts and mind their own business.

Saw a prospective preacher last week. Fairly hopeful that this one might be the one. Some at church are discouraged because we don’t have one and we don’t have one because no one will accept the position. The discouraged ones are aggravated with the leadership of the church, which I guess is the chairman of the deacons. Who knows. I thought the leadership was all who have positions which would include some who are discouraged. Maybe I am wrong.

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