Most days I feel ok..I wear out around 2 or 3, but still manage to get a bit done. I don’t think I still have any infection from the URI I had. Taking IV antibiotics is on hold until and unless I begin to not be able to get normal infections such as URI cleared up or begin having repeated bouts of pneumonia.
I still have the ATB (atypical tuberculosis). I go next Monday for a recheck, normal routine one. They will exray, compare, discuss..blah, blah.

Stacie is enjoying her bike, I suppose. She has been in hiding since the early part of last week, not showing her face to us/me. I think she is back taking her prescribed drugs over much because the exaggerated behaviors were surfacing before she went into hiding. I heard from Shandi that her bf broke up with her and I am thankful. I didn’t like him, didn’t like his looks, didn’t trust him… but never said these things to Stacie. I think he was/is a little wimp with a big mouth that never shuts.

I called Stacie at 10:12 to go get her dad’s lunch box and take it to him, he had left it in the county answer. I called again, still no answer so I left a terse message about people who won’t wake up and answer their damn phones and went and did the errand myself. Damn f’in younguns, lay up in bed, sleep all day…

However…I am going to fix my situation once I am slowed down here. I have set aside some money with which I will transfer the electric into Stacie’s name; once the year is up on our Cspire contract, I am going to attempt to transfer her and Shandi’s phone into her name only, the water and garbage is already in her name and that will only leave her internet which is paid on my credit card…they only accept credit or debit cards for payments which are set up automatic. Then if she wants to sleep all day, whatever all night, spend her money on junk, and she doesn’t pay her utilities, they can be shut off without affecting my credit. I only pay her electric because it’s in our name. I only pay her phone because she owes a bill thanks to Roy (ex) far she pays these back to me…but sometimes it’s like pulling eye teeth to get the money and that pisses me off and I am going to fix any and everything I can that pisses me off so I am not pissed off.

I’ve staked down some trees so they won’t blow over in the pots, dumped some old, old overgrown stuff, watered the nursery, waited on several customers and ran hubby’s lunch box to him..he forgot it when he got on the tractor.

Resting now…will gather jalapenos and cayennes, maybe gather up some more begonias to plant and might clean up some more around here.

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