Stacie saga

I imagine Stacie has slept off and on for 2 days. I went up there today and woke her. She didn’t like that a bit even though I didn’t raise hell…just told her she needed to wake up so I would know if she was alive or dead.

She finally went to town for Shandi’s medicine and put my money in the bank and picked up my box of cake mix I forgot the other night. Shandi came down a while ago and said her mom had fallen asleep again. I figure she’s over doing it on the prescrip meds because her heart is broken and her back hurts and her foot hurts and life suxs and nobody loves her.

Poor thing…NOT.

ana told me this morning that mom had texted her last night to let her know Jamie had broken up with her. First time Stacie had contacted Ana all week. I said to Ana…she wanted your sympathy.
Ana…humphhh, she can get over it.
Me…but Ana isn’t that a bit cold?
Ana…It’s exactly what she told me when i fell off my bike. She said I was a big girl and needed to get up and get over it. So that’s what she needs to do.
Me…Wow Ana, you sure hold onto a resentment a long time
Ana…Yes, I guess I do.

Anyway..I tell that to tell this…when Stacie stopped my cake mix off at the house, Ana said at first she thought about hiding because she didn’t want her mom yelling at her. Instead she walked into the kitchen where Stacie was looking at a purse I told her to check out. Ana says, Stacie threw down the purse and says, "Well I guess you’re happy now."" When Ana questioned why, Stacie says, "You never wanted me to be with Jamie anyway."

that is so much not the truth. Ana liked Jamie and always went with them when he took them places. I don’t understand why Stacie acts this way. I know she’s very immature, bitter, resentful, angry and that’s just the surface.

Oh gee, didn’t mean to go on and on.

So here Stacie has done nothing but ride to town because her heart is broken.

I’ve staked down about 15 trees, watered the plantation, dumped some old dying stuff, waited on customers, gathered jalapenos and cayenne peppers, baked a cake, cored, stuffed and wrapped with bacon about 40 jalapenos and put the cayenne on the dehydrator after I cleaned it up. Oh and washed up all the dishes.

After we had eaten a sandwich, Shandi comes down and silly mama has fallen asleep again. I asked if Stacie was in the bed and Shandi said she was. Said she tried to wake her up to turn the oven on because she wanted a pizza but she wouldn’t wake up. So…I fixed Shandi a sandwich, cut her a piece of the cake I had made and gave her instructions on what to do when she got home…put the cake in the refrig (it has a cool whip/cream cheese icing) take her shower, take her meds and go to bed at 9. *sigh*

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