telephones and customers reps

On May 9, 2012, my granddaughter woke and her Samsung Character phone, would not respond to the passcode. I called CSpire to enquire about what could be done and was told that I would have to bring it in the store, there was no way to unlock it over the phone.

A few hours later I decided to call the Columbia store, the closest CSpire store to me to enquire if they, indeed would be able to unlock the phone or would I need to drive further to McComb or Hattiesburg; both towns 25 and 50 miles distance from me, opposite directions from me. I dialed the 601-736 number listed in the direction for the Columbia CSpire store and again got the call center. When I enquired as to why this was I was told that the CSpire reps in the store were to be waiting on customers not answering the phone so I would NEVER reach an actual person in an actual store.

Upon telling this service rep my issue I was told that bringing it into the store was NOT the solution. They could not unlock it, they had NO codes with which to unlock it even in the store and I would have to call Samsung.

I did and that is whole ‘nother story, but was finally told to get CSpire on the phone and between the two businesses they could unlock the phone. I called CSpire and was told that because I was NOT Robert Reid, even though I had all his information, I couldn’t do anything. Funny thing is, I had done a lot of things regarding that account, including setting it up prior to this call. So, I wait for husband to come home. We call CSpire again, this rep does NOT ask for hubby’s express verbal permission but instead tells me that she has NO reason to call Samsung, she can NOT unlock it on the phone, it can NOT be unlocked over the phone but must be brought INTO the store. I repeated asked her to call Samsung, she finally agreed to call them and then tells me there is no such number, at which time I gave her the correct number. She tries it, says no one answers so we hang up. Her name was Johnnie and her number was/is 1072 according to her.

I, myself call Samsung, get them on the phone immediately, am told Samsung’s phones do not call out, so I call CSpire myself, but and get some other rep named Shonee or something similar on the phone but we can never join the two calls. (I do have a smartphone, LG, which does conference calls I just wasn’t sure how to do it as I had not done this before.) We all hang up and again I call Samsung back, get them on the phone, call CSpire, get Brandon, #1740 and Samsung tries her codes with no luck, so Brandon tells me he can unlock it possibly, but has to search for the codes. If he can’t, then we can take it into a store and with hands on it can be unlocked. While he is searching, Samsung gives me the instructions for mailing the phone into them for re-flashing should Brandon be unable to unlock it and should I decided to not take it into a store. But somewhere along the line I lost Brandon as he was NOT there when the Samsung woman hung up.

I just went to your website and I saw the ads where *your nickels and dimes add up to dollars to them* showing how CSpire is cheaper than the other providers compared to..yet several of your CSR have insisted that I not only drive 20 miles to one store to take a phone in, but if THAT store can’t do the unlock, then I may have to drive to another store.

By the end of the day I was ready to not only pull my hair out, but to tell ya’ll as a phone provider where you could shove your provision and your reps. I left AT&T and went with you because I couldn’t get any service with AT&T and AT&T had/has become so ‘big’ they don’t think they need the small customer. I have good service with your company so far and hope that the service continues, but dealing with your customer service reps is another story. This isn’t the first time I have had encounters of a dissatisfactory type with your people.

As of this moment I am very dissatisfied with the service I receive from you, I am frustrated over the inability to resolve this problem quickly and with the least amount of stress. I also feel that YOU as a company need to educate your SRs as to the TRUTH as it applies to what you are able to do or not do and not have one say yes we can, another say no we can’t, and yet another say oh well if one can’t take it to another one and maybe they can.

Thank you very much,

Klara Reid

Above is a letter I wrote CSpire concerning my phone experience with them. Along with calling Samsung, the first person I got couldn’t understand me and hung up on me; the second person I got I couldn’t understand and I hung up on her, the 3rd person and I managed to muddle through the conversation.

Today, Stacie has the phone and will carry it to CSpire and see if they can unlock it.

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