Cleaning Up

Last year discovered that one of my eleagnus bushes had grown up into the light line running from the power pole to the house. I knew we had to do something about it, but having these breathing issues, working at the nursery and Terry working for the county, I couldn’t figure out when or how we would do it.

A buddy of ours was down on his luck and I offered to pay him to prune it back. He had done some other pruning for me and did a good job so I naturally assumed he would do a good job here.

Well, after a few days of working on half-heartedly, he got permission from Terry to use his chain saw and immediately bent the bar. So he proceeds to simply cut the height away from the tree/bush at about head high and suggested we tie a rope to it and pull all the cut limbs away with the tractor.

This would have worked fine except there is a light pole which part of the limbs had wrapped around, and a pecan tree which had a lot of the bush tangled up in a limb. Pulling all that away was a no-go. So little by little we worked on, sometimes going months without doing a thing until this spring. I decided it this yard would ever look half way decent I had to get started on it and keep my help (Terry) motivated. When we made it around to the back yard there was that eleagnus with all this dead stuff on top of it awaiting us…

So we began to work on it and for several weeks we have worked, cutting, pulling, cutting some more. Then yesterday when Terry came in, he got a rope, tied it to the mess, tied that to the tractor and *shock**gasp* he was able to pull it away. I guess we had cleared away enough to free up the majority of it, making quick work of what was appearing to be another year long project.
But now it looks so nice…even though there are still some dead branches to remove and it’s match to prune down to manageable size…it’s looking so much better.

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