Arrows and nests

Father’s Day weekend, while on the coast, we bought a Ninja processor/blender. It was probably Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week before I got it out of the box. I got the book, checked to make sure all the parts were there, struggled forever to pull the lids off the two canisters with no luck. Finally I came to the web, googled it, discovered that they are often hard to dislodge upon first unpacking; so I went back and tugged with all my might and yep, the lids came off. I washed them, figured out what went with what, put it away and went on about my day.

When I was in WM Saturday, I bought a bunch of stuff to make smoothies and fruit/veggie drinks. This morning I decided to make Shandi a fruit slushie for breakfast. So, we put all the ingredients in the canister, turned it on, the red light blinked. We took it off the base, reattached it, same scene, we poured the stuff out of the canister, reassembled it, same scene. Finally I had Shandi hand me the drink maker of her Aunt Brenda’s and I poured the stuff in it, which immediately poured back out on the counter because I had left the lever open. I grabbed a spatula, raked the stuff back into the canister, processed it and finally the child got to drink her breakfast.

In the meantime I called the company. I told the lady what all I had done and checked and told her I had even prayed to the Ninja god but this thing refused to work. She laughed and assured me she WAS the ninja god…and proceeded to ask a couple of question.


See those 2 arrows, they must line up on the lid and the handle for the thing to work. *Slaps forehead and laughs*
That problem is solved. Thank you Ninja god!!! or goddess since she was a woman!
So, wash dishes, and on to water the nursery. I had watered everything yesterday, so today is a light watering day…don’t have to do the fern house, don’t have to the few things left in #2…I am watered the east side of #3 and notice in the tobasco plant that is growing between the cement edging of the house a bird nest…

There are no eggs in it, so I figure they have already hatched. I suppose mama bird thought no one would brave the heat of the tobasco peppers to mess with her babies.

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