stumbling blocks

Today’s reading in ODAT starts off: Somebody once said: "the only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them."

How often do we allow little things or big things that come into our life to be stumbling blocks to our recovery rather than using them as stepping stones to become healthier people?

Even what appears to be good can be a stumbling block.
Case in point: I received a note this morning from a departing member. Her reason for leaving was that her spouse had been sober for a while and reading the shares reminded her of past problems. She no longer needed the benefits of the group nor wanted to be reminded of hard times.

My al-anon program teaches me that part of working MY program is to pass it on…Step 12 says: Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps we tried to carry the message to others and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

When people come into the program and use it as a band-aid fix, then leave when things seem better they are missing the whole beauty of the program.
This program is for US, ME, YOU…any individual who has been affected negatively by addiction. No we didn’t cause it, can’t control it or cure it–but I guarantee you that we contribute to the insanity that is our life.

I know I did. I grew up in a very dsyfunctional home. As a buddy of mine says: we put the dsy in functional. I had some screwed up thinking, screwed up reactions, and a very bad attitude. I have come so far from who I was that night in April back in ’88 that some days I barely recognize myself, but I am a much better person for my time actively working this program of recovery; learning to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks and always looking for the ways in which I can grow, change and become healthier.

Have a great recovery day,

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