ummm–just thoughts

This year we planted the running butter beans she always planted…huge purple beans once they are shelled, yet cook up so very tender. I feel a closeness to her just feeling the rough hull as I check them for readiness.

I am up this morning cooking a chicken pot pie and a coconut pound cake to carry to the church to feel a family following the funeral of their departed loved one. I baked the same cake yesterday and carried for the wake and brought not even a crumb home with me. It is Terry’s grandmother’s cake recipe.

Daughter is home from the hospital; facing arrest because the investigating officer determined she was driving reckless (or careless) and one carries arrest the other only a ticket. She wants me to tell her what to do. She wants to know if I will enjoy turning her in..all this text to me last night while I was helping with the wake. I told her it wasn’t my problem.

Ex-hubby and son’s step daughter, who is staying a while to help with her, took her to ER last night due to pain in her neck. She complains they aren’t concerned if she eats or not when they fixed her food and when she is perfectly capable of getting up and fixing a bite to eat. They took her 2 hot dogs and can you believe she told them she didn’t want hotdogs, she wanted soup and jello. She would have worn those hot dogs….LOL

She loads the girls down with her complaints about no man wanting her, and on and on. As much as I know what I need to do in some areas, there are some I haven’t a clue what to do. My body is wound up tighter than a guitar string and I am hanging on to my program and God and my church friends. I will attend al-anon tonight and with our meetings being small, I may share a bit of what is going on…I don’t know.

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