jelly and junk

I spent a good portion of the day making jelly. I made Christmas jelly. With the help of a bit of food coloring, I now have 16 half pints of red/gold/green jelly. Of course it has some flavoring…some hot flavor. I used cayenne pepper and red food color for the red layer; yellow tobasco and yellow food color for the gold layer and jalapeno and green food color for the green layer. I made a batch at the time and poured a third of a jar. then by the time I made the next batch, that layer had jelled and I poured my new batch and color on top of that. I plan to give it away as Christmas gifts.
I also had to have my washing machine worked on today. It has been whining loudly for a few weeks. I called the repairman 2 weeks ago and he listened to it on the phone and agreed something wasn’t right. After that phone call, the machine stopped with the loud unusual noise for a several days. Then last week it started again so I called him and he came up, but of course it wouldn’t make any noise while he was here. He told me the next time it began to whine, to stop the machine and call him. I did, he came and found a long piece of wire stuff in the gears. He said it looked like something that would come off a bearing. I figure it came out of Robby’s pants from back when he lived here or TA’s son’s one. Anyway, that piece of wire cost me 83 dollars and change. Jimmy, the repairman says he doesn’t know how things can get down between the tub and the frame and worked their way into the moving parts but they do. He said one time he pulled a t-shirt from between the tub and the housing.

We have a good time when he comes. We tease each other a lot. He was asking me about what size load I was washing and how many. I told him I had a load of mine and Terry’s work clothes on last night and this morning put on a load of sheets. He said, "you had Terry’s work clothes on washing. You don’t have any work clothes on." I said, "Are you saying I don’t work or that I don’t wear clothes?" He cracked up laughing. It’s always something like that going on.

Stacie came down this morning right after I had eaten breakfast. She didn’t say much, just sat there while I took my vitamins, tended to laundry, called the repairman and such. she said she needed to take her bike to get an estimate on it. Finally I told her I had to go water, so off I went. Eventually she walked up to the nursery and watched me water some of the ferns and talked a bit; then she disappeared.
I finished all my watering, locked up, went home and as I came up to the door she came walking up from the other direction. I don’t know if she had gone home and just walked back or not. She came in, watched me gather up jelly making stuff, laughed at the repairman and myself as he joked around with me, fixed her something to eat, decided she would let her dad take the bike to get an estimate, then suddenly left with no goodbye, not kiss my hiney, nothing. Strange child!

Terry did take the bike to get the estimate; the guy will call Stacie tomorrow when it’s ready. I guess I will take her down to pick it up and take it to the insurance company.

We had a finance committee meeting and a pastor search committee meeting…meeting together to try and trim the budget so we can afford a pastor. We didn’t accomplish a thing. Some don’t want to cut the mission giving, others don’t want to give to missions at all, some want us as a search committee to throw out a figure and I, as treasurer, can’t get them to understand that throwing a figure out won’t help IF the money isn’t there to back up the figures. With the turmoil in the church, giving is down and so finances are tight.

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