Isaac 9:09am

So far still holding on good, with power and not a lot of scary winds. Occasionally we get some swirls of wind, a constant rain, but not torrential as of yet.
We fixed a late breakfast-grits, eggs and toast. Just as we started Terry got the call that there was a tree on the road. He managed to eat a bit of his breakfast before Jack arrived to pick him up. I see a pecan limb lying in the yard to the west of my house. There is a pecan tree there. To the east of the house is the big oak tree. katrina leaned her to the south. I was hoping that the winds of Isaac might would lean her straight for me, but they are mostly coming from the east. This means that if my oak falls it will fall on my patio.
It is my prayer that none of the trees fall on my house. I do see that facial siding has blown down from the store, but it has always been an iffy…the hardest stuff to get to remain secure. We finally paid a neighbor man, who was doing siding work, to secure it up there. Hmm, seems as though he didn’t do too great a job. Such is life.

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