Isaac ending

We got power on the 30th around 2, but it only lasted a few minutes. Stacie and I both called the power company to let them know a line was down between us and the nursery. By 5 there were several trucks here working. They worked until after dark and at around 8 we had power again, followed shortly by a tornado threat. Lightening hit somewhere really close. I thought it hit something in the office and could have as the UPS to Terry’s desk has a red light on that isn’t on on mine…but everything works so if that is it, I am live with that.

Whoo hoo, the power is still on, internet is working, 2 of 3 phone batteries are charged and the 3rd is charging. I woke with a raging headache, got up to check the office as we thought lightening had struck something in here right after the lights came on. It may have, because the Uninterrupted battery supply for Terry’s desk has a red light on that mine doesn’t have, but all seems to be working fine.
Anyway, I have taken something for the headache, did some updates—all data used between midnight and 5a.m. doesn’t count against my package for my internet–on satellite internet we are allotted a certain amount we can use a month or our connection is slowed considerably.

Today, I need to start washing the towels used to soak up the water from the chimney and under the side door; go to the church and do what I need to do there, run to town for some groceries because Judy and Robert are coming up.

I have shade cloth off the fern house, #2 and the west shade area. That will simply have to wait for Terry and Robert and fix Saturday. I know there are plenty of limbs to be picked up…so am going to try to get back to sleep.

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