today’s date in 2012

What a day this has been. So far non-stop, and full of surprises.

I had the kids, my daughter and my ex son in law, set up to help me cut back the ferns today. They have worms and cutting them back is the best one can do–then spray for the worms. So we hit that by 8 this morning. During the trimming time, I had a customer, sold a few plants and spent some time on the phone; first with chairmen of deacons concerning presenting the quote on a copier for the church (ours has quit) and 2nd with the secretary concerning the same topic.

By 10:20 we are done with the ferns. Stacie and I head to town. She has some paperwork to turn in at mental health and I decided to fill out the form and see about getting some counseling. According to my information, Medicaid will paid for it. On my paperwork there was a section asking what was causing me to want counseling. I marked loss of health and other and for other I further explained that I had crazy children!

We arrived at the Mental Health Center and the receptionist tells daughter she needs proof of income. The receptionist has a snippy personality and daughter has issues so there for a bit I thought daughter would show her bootie, but she didn’t. I did quietly ask the receptionist to check to be sure that daughter’s case was or was not closed and it hadn’t been…so I think that may have diffused the situation. I told receptionist what insurance I had and asked her a few questions which she answered. She took my paperwork and told me that since I had insurance she could make me an appointment and I could bring proof of income in when I came in for the session. Finally the receptionist asked us to sit for a bit while she handled some phone calls and made appointments. We hadn’t sat there long before some lady who I think said her name was TC came and called me. She was the case manager, maybe, I missed that too, but said she wanted to talk with me a bit today to find out what was going on.

I told her this: Well, I have a serious health issue, adult children who are determined to drive me to drinking, I’ve been in alanon 24 years and have learned a lot but I just feel that I might need to be told by a professional that it is ok to do some of the things I am doing and not do some of them I am tired of doing. I may just be wasting my time and yours, I added; at which point she interrupted me and said no, we all could use some help.

She talked to me a good 30 minutes and then handed me a slip a paper with an appointment for the 27th of this month. Wow.

From there we went to the school where Shandi goes and went into the office to add her dad to the pick up list. While we are in there, some lady asks daughter if she is Shandi’s mom and when she finds out she is, she wants to talk with us. So down the hall we do and find a room to go into and come to find out she is the lady daughter and 2nd husband went to for anger management during some of their drug using days. We talked a while and as I sat there and observed daughter I noticed that she is prone to bring up topics that aren’t pertinent to the conversation…or don’t help the conversation. She also kept bringing the focus back to herself rather than focusing on Shandi. Eventually Rosemary, (counselor) brought the inclusion teacher into the room and we are told that Shandi is struggling very badly being in the room with the normal kids. Stacie wants to go off asking about what type of computer program they are using and when the teacher gives her the name of it she says..Oh no, forget it. We can’t do phonenics. ….and goes into this long speech about Shandi trying to sound out words and finally Staice telling her to just stop. I remark that I think phoenics bothers Stacie more than Shan and Rosemary agrees with me. The inclusion teacher ..when I asked for a recommendation…suggests that Shandi be put into a contained class. This is a class for only special education children; a class geared more to her abilities. I asked Rosemary what she recommended as the behavioral counselor and she recommended the contained class. Stacie is blah, blah, blahing on about herself and I interrupt her and ask how she feels about that and she breaks sentence long enough to say…that is fine with me…and off she goes on her tangent again all about herself.

Several times, as Rosemary talked, Stacie would just laugh, or giggle or sigh or go…hmmm, hummmm, like humming a song until finally Rosemary asked her why she was doing that. Stacie says, "I was just thinking about how I was when I was in school…." and I forget what else she said because I honestly tune her out. It reminded me of what the lady at Mental Health said about the generation that is my daughter’s age…they are predominantly all about themselves. They are the ME generation. Sad, sad. Then again, maybe Stacie is trying to appear crazy as a betsy bug so she can get help herself. I don’t know, I just know it’s frustrating and confusing and embarrassing.

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