Sunday September 16 2012

Robby and family had come up and I had cooked cornish hens and a roast along with beans, potato salad and carrots. They loaded up some more of their stuff out of the old storage trailer in the back field.
I had gone to the doc/np last Monday or Tuesday and got something to help drain sinus congestion. Then I got up Thursday with sore throat. thankfully she also gave me antibiotic which I started taking and am hopefully about to get past the worst. I made church this morning but told them to find someone to teach the class tonight as I was not coming back.

I woke feeling really worse today than I had for a few days; this sinus congestion having moved into my chest. I determined to make it through Sunday School to teach my class and church because of the business meeting. I had made arrangements for someone else to teach my class tonight so I could stay home. When I came in from church the first thing I saw was Ana with a frown. I asked what was wrong and she refers to her mom who says that Ana is mad at her because she told her (Ana) she needed the full face helmet back. I looked at Stacie and asked where the bike was she was going to ride with the full face helmet as it is in the shop.

then I come inside to change clothes and when I come back down the hall Stacie is standing at the end of the hall blocking my way into the kitchen/dining area. She is blabbling about something that I refuse to listen to, instead I tell her to get out of my way. I move on into the kitchen to finish up lunch and she follows and in her hateful voice tells me she probably totally ruined the potatoes because I didn’t tell her to double the recipe. I snapped at her that I didn’t realize she didn’t know how to get another pot and make another full batch and combine them. I also tell her that I am damn tired of her coming at me with that hateful tone of voice at which point she says I won’t have to be bothered with her and storms out of the house. Thankfully, an hour or two of peace and quiet. She did come back later in the evening in a much better frame of mind

After lunch, Terry and Roy moved my freezer across the room clearing out the corner of the dining room where I wanted to put the couch and recliner so it would be comfortable seating for anyone watching tv in there or company since Ana has taken over the living room.

After Robby and crew left, I crawled in bed and went straight to sleep.

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