Typical Monday

Up every morning at the crack of dawn, go to work just to pay my bills…oh, that isn’t how that song goes!!!!

But today is another typical Monday. Up at 6:15, cup of coffee–no internet. What do you mean NO INTERNET??????? I have to have internet with my coffee. But have internet I did not this morning. Finally called the provider, we did the normal stuff that I had already done and the only thing that worked was plugging straight from modem to computer. So he gets off, I try the router route again and again, no internet.

Aha, then I remember a small router Robby had bought when he lived here. I went and got it, plugged it all up and YEP, you guessed it, it was the router. Now tell my why the lights were on but no one was home in my old router. It was only 3 years old. It was an expensive router, one that would shoot the signal all the way up to the nursery. Ugh…but for today I have internet in the house.

Then, off to town Stacie and I go for an IEP meeting with Shandi’s teachers and SPED person. They are retesting her and will have her ready to go into contained class in two weeks, when the next 9 weeks begins.

In the meantime, between router failures and IEP meetings I call the gas company for them to come check Stacie’s gas line and route her line to where she wanted to move the stove. Then I receive a call from the money man at the Baptist convention board in response to an email I sent him last night asking for help in preparing a pastor package. End result is that he will be down later this week or early next week and will set up a meeting with me and some of our finance committee members..yipppeeee..

Run by grocery and bank, then home where the gas man is already at Stacie’s checking things out. I run her on up there, come down, change clothes, go water the plantation at which time the service man has everything done and is gone. Then I put the wiggle wire down one side of the fern house securing the plastic we put on Saturday. Home again, shake the rugs, sweep the floor, put on the laundry and am sitting here resting before vacuuming the office here and trying to neaten it up some.

*sigh* Oh and sometimes today I need to work on the nominating Committee report as we have a meeting Wednesday night.

2 thoughts on “Typical Monday

  1. What is a contained class? Oh and are you in charge of hiring and paying the pastor then? Hope you have been having a good week and where are you planning to be over thanksgiving? Graham

  2. Graham, a contained class is one that has only children with learning disabilities in it. Shandi is functioning on about 1st-2nd grade level and there is no way they can teach her 6th grade material scaled down to her level..so they will put her in the ‘special’ class.

    As for the pastor…no, I am not in charge of hiring and paying the pastor all by myself. LOL I am on the committee to find a pastor and as the treasurer I am on the committee that comes up with the yearly budgets, so I have a hand in the pie so to speak.

    I plan to be right here at home on Thanksgiving as far as i know. Can I expect a guest? 😀

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