Is it Friday yet?

Oh what a week!!!!Monday morning I woke to no computer access…which as I wrote earlier in the week, I deduced was my router. So I had used the little white router and all was working fine….when I had time to be on the internet. Yesterday after working at the nursery I helped Stacie again in her kitchen. It is looking really good so far.
Last night it was church, meetings and then bed.

This morning I woke to no internet yet again!!! How can another router go out so fast…but when I would plug directly into the computer I had access. So, Stacie and I had planned to be in town early anyway so after we did our morning stuff at McDonalds…breakfast and update the tablets…we first stopped by the florist and ordered Ana a rose for her birthday to be delivered to school. We then rode to Columbia to buy a router. We got that done and by the time we got back to town, the school had called saying Shandi was having an emotional day and we needed to come pick her up. So we did that…then the bank, the dollar store, lunch and then to our counseling sessions–well actually the intake part.

I am only suffering from anxiety but will still see the doc and possibly a therapist for a while.

Then to grocery store to buy stuff for the weekend because Judy and Robert are on their way–got 1/3 of the way and had to turn around because their truck was not running right. They went home, changed trucks and are on their way again as I type; as well as food for Ana’s weiner and marshmallow roast she wants for her birthday.

Then HOME…I unloaded groceries, put away meats, rested a minute, then plugged the new router in. No connection. Stacie comes in and works with it…no connection. We power cycle, we turn off and turn on, we unplug and replug we do everything but the connect dance. Finally I call my internet provider and discover there is a problem affecting people who use routers; they are working on it and possibly I didn’t even need to buy a router, so he will credit me 25.00 for the worry and trip and such and if all doesn’t continue working call him back. I rushed to dig the little router out of the garbage where I promptly put it in the box the new one came out of…to put away for just in case. 😀

Now, it’s time to go start a bite of supper to feed my company when they get here.

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