I think…Wednesday we spent most of the day in hattiesburg. We left early, piddled around, ate at Applebee’s then on to the hospital for a 2 pm MRI, we thought, but without a 500.00 deposit they wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t put it on my credit card. Been there, done that far too many times and never got my money we left, got home, rested a bit then church. We had prayer meeting in the dark. Lightening had hit something on the light pole, knocking out our electric. We gathered under the porch area off the kitchen and had prayer meeting right on.
Thursday I spent at home, except for the evening which I spent at the church working on the financials. I helped Stacie with her living room after checking the nursery out.

Friday I watered, went to a 10a.m. meeting for the pastor search committee where we went through about 40 resumes. We culled a lot based on size of church they had been accustomed to and age…too young and too old we culled. We agreed on 3 to begin with.

Then home for a break while I washed the dishes, then to town for an IEP meeting for Shandi. they are putting her in a self contained classroom. Her cognitive skills/scores are in the low average range, but her academic scores are 5 years behind. They will work with her on her reading and math skills. While in that meeting I had a voice mail letting me know the girls glasses were in, so after the meeting we made a wild dash to McComb for glasses, then back to Tylertown to pick up a friend of Ana’s.

I met her dad…an older man with long, long hair, but such a gentleman. He stated he was very overprotected of Star so needed to meet the person she was staying with. I do not blame him for that at all.

Then home, a short break, transferred the PTO from Tami’s vehicle to mine, then to the ballgame where we manned the PTO table until half time. Jeanette B. won the cake, I helped in the concession stand a while, then homeward bound.

Now I am bed-ward-bound!

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