fears and such

Fear has a way of creeping into our every day life and causing a lot of havoc. I don’t know about you or anyone else, but there is always the fear that I won’t have enough–enough money to pay the bills, enough food to feed the waiting mouths, enough energy to finish the task, enough patience to be kind…just enough.
Even though almost every Sunday I mention in one of the 2 classes I teach how God always provides, I still find myself worrying. Yet I have never gone without a single thing I truly needed.

A few weeks ago the tractor died. We can’t buy a new and really need the one we have to be up and working. It was the injector pump. A neighbor helped to take the pump off, gave hubby the address where to send it and the phone number so we took care of that. Finally after waiting what seemed like ages, the guy called with the estimate…over 700.00 and we were thinking like 300. Shocked, but still needing the tractor we said fix it. Finally, again after what seemed like ages, he called for the CC to pay before shipping…900 and according to him he didn’t charge for a few things. What few things??? I don’t have a clue!!!! But the part is back and almost on.

Add to that the car had to have shocks. Ok, 200.00 later there are shocks/struts on the car, but the nephew and BIL who helped do let the ABS line get caught up in the under workings of the car and while making a right turn the wire snapped into. Now the light is constantly on. Possibly it can be rewired together otherwise it will require a new sensor. I don’t have a clue what that cost.

So imagine my distress when Sunday evening my cell phone went into a coma. It would go into screen saver mode and refuse to wake up. Take the battery out and it would come on for a bit then do the same thing again. So Monday I headed to CSpire where we determined it was a corrupted SD card and 22 bucks later I am off and running with a working phone. Whew…missed the bullet on that one because it would have cost close to 200.00 to upgrade because I lack 10 months being up on my 2 yr. contract. I think that is so stupid. Yes, I agree that if I suddenly decide I want a new phone I should have to pay extra if my contract isn’t up. However, if for no cause of my own doing my phone suddenly bites the dust and there is NO resurrecting it, I do not believe phone companies should penalize the customer in order for them to get another phone comparable to the one they had.

Plus, even with insurance it costs 100 to replace certain phones which is what happened when Stacie’s was lost in the bike wreck.

Speaking of Stacie…she went and applied for a clerk job at the local hardware store. I am praying she gets this job. It should be something she can handle and won’t be too stressful on her body, plus it is right there in T-town. Lord, please let her get this job or some good job where she doesn’t haven’t to life heavy objects or get all greasy.

Now back to fear…and the things that are causing me distress this week. Internet connection. I am on limited data allowance. 15 G a month. Dummy here downloaded an app for the tablet to text on, didn’t like it, downloaded another one, then updated the flash player on hubby’s computer and used up 6 G of my monthly allowance and it doesn’t clear off until the 1st of December. Ugghhh. Maybe if we don’t up or download anything else and just surf, that will be sufficient. If it is, then I will know that since they have upped the lower package to 10G I can manage on that and save 30-40 a month and I will drop back down to the first package they offer. I tried that one to begin with but then it was 7.5 and that simply wasn’t enough with 3 of us surfing and occasionally up or downloading a pic…nothing else, just anti-virus updating. So I went up to the mid package which has 15g, but is close to 90 a month where as the 7.5 which is now 10 is only 59 a month….$$$$$$$ it’s always a worry when it comes to $$$$$.

Oh well, such is life.

At least thank you Lord, hubby has a job, I have insurance and so does he and I don’t have to pay for these expensive breathing treatments. Again,l thank you Lord.

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