Day 1, Graham’s visit

Graham’s visit: Day 1: I arose early when the cat puked on my bed…ughhh…coffee, a bit of FB, then breakfast of sausage gravy and Terry’s good home-made biscuits. On to the water the nursery, fill those remaining 52 baskets and fertilize and put hangars on them-then home to start cooking the late lunch, early supper we were having thanks to Brenda.
I made a sweet potato salad (ty Pinterest) lemon pies and toasted home made bread and Brenda brought the fixings for shrimp alfredo…good, good. Afterwards, I crashed on the couch for a 15 minute power nap, then up to visit before Brenda and James goes home and Stacie, Graham, Ana and Shandi leave for the Twilight movie.
Now just catching up before crashing…I am worn out. Must be getting old.

Lordy, I will need some major help come Thanksgiving since Judy and Robert are coming if just today whiped me out this way. Can’t figure it out, but will just go with the flow

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