Day 2 Graham’s Visit

A bit more sleep than the first night he was here; I actually slept until around 6. Up and coffee made and my normal check email and FB while sipping that first scrumptious cup. Soon the cell phone was announcing a text I knew was from Shandi…and yep. Each Sunday she texts to be sure I am up so she will know when to come down for breakfast after waking her mom.
Mom’s bf and his 2 kids were over, so soon we have pancakes going. Graham got up and dressed immediately for church, looking quite dapper in his waistcoat and tie.

Off to church where he was properly introduced to all we came into contact with–then I left him with Terry and went on to teach my class.

During church J, the music director asked him to stand and introduce himself, which he did a proper job of doing although I know most didn’t understand and some couldn’t hear as he speaks quite softly..but he did well to be a foreign person in a foreign environment (our church) and suddenly put on the spot.

After church I let him know we did left overs and whatever else we could find for food…he and Ana warmed up some leftover shrimp alfredo, I took a nap before heading back to church and he watched football with Terry and drew a sketch of Ana.

After church I fried some jalapeno poppers I had made during the summer and warmed the kids up some boiled being Ana and Star who came over this evening.

Now I am about to be off to bed.

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