Day 3 Graham’s Visit

Day three began when I woke around 4. I laid there trying to go back to sleep, but of course failing. By 5 I crawled out of bed and put the coffee on, sat down at the computer to wait for my coffee.

Before I woke Terry at 5:30, I heard Graham come out of his room and to the bathroom. Instead of speaking though, he went straight back into the room and closed the door and before long I heard him snoring away.

Terry got up, dressed for work, left for work, I rode my 3 miles, piddled on the computer, finished up my red beans for supper, fixed the girls an egg for breakfast and around 8:30 went on to the nursery. I planted over 200 baskets we had filled and ready, watered them in and watered the rest of the plants in that house, opened up the doors and went to the house.

Graham has arose by now and is dressed, Ana having told him that we will ride into town when he arises and is ready, stop by McDonald’s and upload the pic he wants to upload using their wifi, and do a bit of shopping. He is ready, they are ready so off we go.

McD’s, where I updated my tab and he uploaded his pic, the bank, post office, jewelry store–I had a ring of mine and Ana had one that needed repairing. While I was taking care of that, Ana, Star and Graham check out the town square. I cannot imagine that I don’t have pics of that–it’s very nice. They put it in a few years ago and the plantings are growing and filling in nicely. Then we went out to the shopping square, checked out Fred’s, Dollar General and the Pig where Graham bought the making for a trifle. I had seen the recipe in the cookbook he brought, and he promised to make us one with some changes since the one in the cook book calls for alcohol (brandy) and we figured the girls would eat some of it. He says they can be made from various types fruit and/or cake but all basically are layered.

So he did one using a plain yellow cake, cut into pieces, over which he poured some lemon/orange and lime jello. After it had set a bit, he added some pineapple tidbits and mandarin oranges. Then he allowed the jello to totally set after which vanilla pudding is dolloped over the mixture and that is topped with whipped cream, then almonds and decorative sprinkles top off the entire thing. it’s pretty..we’re waiting a bit to see what it tastes like.

Off to taste the Walthall county trifle…

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