Thanksgiving Day

Today is a day of Thanksgiving and giving thanks means we have to think of the positives in our life, well–twice last night I was able to pass that on…once with personality conflicts within the church..I simply asked my friend did she really see the chairman of the deacons as being an *I want to be in control, be most important, be whatever type person* or was he more *my first time being deacon and now chairman of deacon, I want to do everything right* type person. She admitted that was a possibility. Thank you God and Al-anon.

2nd, sis in law and bro in law brought a friend with them–female–instant personality clash because she was seeking the Belk sale paper..we dont’ get that in our little local paper…then will it be in tomorrow’s paper she asked…we only get 1 paper a week, we ARE in the country. OMG, she says, where have I landed? Placing my hands on my hips I say…honey child, YOU are in the COUNTRY, this ain’t no city, it IS country. Deal with it. Then she demands to know if the meat I cooked is deer. Give me a break! This is MY home. I didn’t invite her and she wants to be miss diva???

But I got sidetracked..she also got on Ana’s wrong side by insisting that Ana take Ibuprofin for menstrual cramps not Midol…and Ana is saying last night before bed..I really don’t like her maw! I replied, I don’t either sweetie, but maybe it is just that I am/was super tired and she was super nervous and dumb on the ways of good country folks to which Ana says…maybe so, Maw!! Yay!!!! I want to teach her, guide her into always trying to remember to see the positive side and the negative side. I think it’s ok to be able to see the good and bad, it gives me a complete picture, I just do try to focus on the positive. Operative word here, TRY.

Okey spokey…I am off to wash up the rest of the dishes I left last night, rewash the casserol dish Judy (sil) washed. She has macular degeneration disease and can’t see well but insists on washing dishes. I try to not say a thing, but do watch them for signs of needing to be rewashed. *sigh*

Oh and we laughed and laughed after church last night. We have dessert following prayer meeting..while sitting there visiting a fellow mentioned that since his son put up deer cameras all on his property he thinks twice about relieving himself while out back..instead he goes into the house. I sympathized saying that having the freedom to do what one pleased where ever they were was one of the good things about living in the country..they are from New Orleans area. Then he says he told his son that if there any pictures on that camera that weren’t of deer do not say a word, just delete them immediately and the more we thought on that, the funnier it got. That good belly laugh was just what I needed to relieve the stress that has been building up these past few days.

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