Sunday, November 25

I had some good/sad/confusing news a bit ago. Ana is going to sort of move back in with her mom and give that a try. I admire her for trying. My heart aches for the pain that is coming down the road, for the confusion she will grow up with but I can’t change what is and she is her mother’s daughter. Living with mom is where she should be even though it isn’t the healthiest place to be. I can only pray and tell her how proud I am of her for making the effort to have a relationship with her mom. I certainly cannot stand in the way.

We’ve had a busy week, company from the coast left Friday morning, thankfully. BIL was exceptionally hateful this trip since he had been sick and was on medication. I couldn’t handle much more of him. We ran our over seas guest to the coast on Saturday for a look around and some shopping in the outlet mall, then back home. Today we (pastor search committee) made a trip to listen to our prospective preacher preach in person..(now that could be a tongue twister there). I was really impressed with his delivery although I think he could slow down in his speech a bit.

Next week starts a normal week for us finally. I like normalcy, I like routine, I am a creature of habit.

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