The departure

Well the time arrived and off we went to airport to take Graham to catch his plane. Ana woke with a sore throat, so we decided last minute to let her stay home and ride with us. Not a bad idea, as it gave me someone with whom to chat on the way back.
There was talk of when Graham might return; talk of IF it is 4 years and IF it is in May, then Ana will be graduating IF all goes well. Wow. What a thought.

He expressed the opinion that it was a nice visit. I always feel that way when he leaves. He is a very easy guest to have around; never demanding, always polite, always going along with whatever we come up with, taking the teasing and trying to make sense of our crazy, country, southern’isms. The perfect gentleman, capable of entertaining himself, graciously accepting our attempts to entertain and just settling in quite nicely.

I often have a brief moment or two when I think I should be taking him to see this or that–in fact I told him about a few things I would like for us to see one of the times he is over. It doesn’t occur to me that it really MIGHT be the peacefulness of our life, the distance it places him from his Normal life, the easy flow of what we do that is what keeps bringing him back to visit..and of course, the friendship we have all developed with him through his visits. It’s almost a family feel to it–giving pause for some serious thought on his last post from here…huh ‘son. 😀 😀 😀

As I write this, I am sure he is winging his way across the blue sky toward his layover in (wherever it was) then on to London’s airport where he will have a day or two to recoup before starting his normal word day on Monday.

May you find all your glasses in proper order, everyone having done what they should do and Millie curled up in your arms happily purring.

Enjoyed the visit, Graham

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